FCBD 2008: Wizard, Aspen and the Clown Prince of Crime

The current thing in certain circles is to disparage Wizard Magazine. Of course, they bring it on themselves when Wizard Entertainment does things like present the same tired How To Draw booklet for every Free Comic Book Day.

The instructional comic is well laid out and the information useful, but it’s plagued by the same crude humor found in the monthly mag. Also, would-be artists are admonished not to draw women in too tantalizing a manner because it diminishes their credibility. This, from the same guys who who pride themselves on stuffing their magazine with near-pornographic images of buxom vixens.

Speaking of well-endowed females, Worlds of Aspen offers three volumes this year, covering six titles — Soulfire, Shrugged, Fathom, Soulfire: Chaos Reign, Soulfire: New World Order and Executive Assistant: Iris. Volumes 1 and 2 are reprints of previous FCBD comics, but volume 3 showcases some new material.

T & A abounds throughout the preview book. Executive Assistant, the story of a high-dollar whore / assassin, depicts a totally nude woman from behind.

Michael Turner’s concepts and writing carry the bulk of the book, and the creative teams put out quality work. But it’s difficult to get interested in the stories when constantly confronted with their sexually-charged images.

Where Wizard Entertainment drops the ball, TwoMorrows Publishing grabs it and runs. Comics go Hollywood presents the material one expects from a comics magazine, pulling from five different industry mags. And these are only a cross-section of what the company offers.

The free comic gives glimpses of movie storyboards, an interview with Heroes Co-Executive Producer Jeph Loeb, a gallery of Jack Kirby’s artwork and more. Its best feature is an article showcasing the Joker’s evolution from his first appearance in the Batman comics through today.

Visit TwoMorrows’ website for more about their publications, including a favorite of mine and my son’s — BrickJournal.


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