YUDU Publishing

While roaming the wide open spaces of the internet (or information cloud, as the hip kids say), I happened to fall in with a new web site that shows a great deal of promise for creative types.

YUDU allows Yu (tee-hee) to publish and organize e-books, e-zines, podcasts, photos, and bookmarks in your very own library on their site. And it’s free. Although, there is a paid service for people like yours truly who’d like to be able to add nifty features to their publications and sell them over the net.

There’s already a bunch of cool stuff on the site. One of my favorites is Five Dials:

Five Dials Issue 1
Five Dials Issue 1

It’s more than worth your time to take a look. If you like Issue 1, Issue 2 is also available.

I’m really excited about YUDU’s potential value to writers. E-books are a wonderful way to promote one’s writing, and YUDU makes publishing e-books easy.

This is a sponsored post.

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