Vietnamese Parents Concerned About Violent, Titillating Manga


Photo courtesy of AriGodai photostream

Those pesky four-color mags are at it again, corrupting Vietnamese youth with “violent and titillating manga,” most of which comes from Japan.

According to Viet Nam, “There are growing concerns among some Vietnamese parents that violent and salacious comic books are having a negative impact on local children, even though there is no scientific research to prove such a connection.”

There’s no picture of Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics this time, just a photo of some guy reading manga in a book store.

The article continues, “It’s not absolutely clear if parents are more concerned about the sexual content of manga, or the over-the-top violence. It seems that while people should be more concerned about the violent content, it’s the eroticism that has parents up in arms. But what’s worse to see: a body slashed and riddled with bullets, head blown off, or a girl in underwear?”

Vietnamese parents blame publishing houses and bookstores for providing such material, but refuse to take responsibility for teaching morality and discipline to their own children. The government is more than willing to back them.

The Ministry of Information and Communications has withdrawn Tam Nu Hiep(Three Fighting Girls) by Thanh Hoa Publishing House. The Ca Mau Province’s Cultural Police Unit claims the comic can lead to men raping women and has “bad effects” on children. Apparently, VietNam never had a problem with rape before comics showed up.

The government assures citizens that it makes every attempt to censor all publications, but the publishing houses don’t always cooperate, darn it! Ly Ba Toan, vice head of the Department of Publishing says, “The department is going to examine all publishing houses nationwide. Those who violate publishing laws will be fined or have their publications withdrawn.”

I’m sure the government will be thorough in its efforts to protect teenagers. Aren’t you? We have to consider the issue from the parents point of view. No one wants their children to wind up like this.

Image licensed under Creative Commons license. Used with permission.

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