Is Star Trek Strip Tease Necessary?

Valerie D’Orazio of Occasional Superheroine asks, “Why is having a shot of Uhura taking off her shirt necessary for the new Star Trek trailer?”

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can view it at the official site.

Ms. D’Orazio, who is outspoken about the portrayal of women in comics and geek culture, maintains the image’s intent is, “to titillate the audience with sex in hopes of better selling the movie to the public.”

I agree. Take a look at io9’s scene-by-scene breakdown of the trailer. When editing movies — or their trailers — filmmakers pay careful attention to where the focus of the audience is directed.

In the scene immediately before Uhura’s strip tease, Kirk is seen looking beneath a bed. We can assume it’s a woman’s bed from the resident bracelet and high-heeled boot. Responding to Kirk’s eyes, our attention is manipulated slightly to the right, exactly to where Uhura is peeling off her shirt in the next shot.

The women of Star Trek: TOS have always been sexualized to appeal to immature male steriotypes. This little bit of prominitely featured titilation, however, creates doubts about the new movie. It appears to be pandering to a broad audience rather than honoring it’s fan base.

So what do you think? Does T&A in a film trailer affect your decision to shell out the cash on opening night?

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One Response to Is Star Trek Strip Tease Necessary?

  1. TexasRed says:

    I haven’t seen this trailer yet, but have seen others. The idea of a pre-quel to the original Star Trek series is all that it took to hook me on this film. I got chills watching the other trailer that focused on the ship and conflict between Kirk and Spock.

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