Change the World with the 12 for 12k Challenge

12for12kIs the life of a human being worth more than the cost of a movie ticket or magazine?

Donations to charity have dropped sharply in the troubled economy, but the need is greater than ever. Danny Brown of Press Release PR has devised a way to correct this problem.

We can make a difference in people’s lives for just a few dollars through Brown’s 12 for 12k Challenge. The challenge aims to raise $12,000 per charity for 12 different charities in 2009 by getting 1200 people to donate just $10 monthly.

“The challenge is deliberately simple for one reason,” says Brown. “I wanted to offer the ability to be involved to as many people as possible. Ten Dollars is… a relatively small amount, but one that can make a huge difference to millions of lives around the world.”

The first featured charity in 2009 is War Child.

War Child is an award-winning charity which provides opportunities and long term solutions for children affected by war, focusing on education, strengthening children’s rights, reducing poverty and fostering self reliance. War Child works in partnership with local people and organizations to build sustainable programming that empowers children and their communities.

War Child currently provides support to communities in Afghanistan, Sudan (Darfur), Uganda, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Georgia.

To be part of this endeavor, or to find out more, visit

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