Brought to You by the Letter B

TexasRed Books offered to include me in a meme she received from Eaton Bennett of Passionate Fiction.

She listed 10 things she loves that start with the letter R and offered to assign readers a letter of their own. I volunteered, and she gave me the letter B.

Here are 10 things I love that start with B. If you want to play along, post in the comments to receive your letter.

  1. Beginnings – A new book, a new birth, a favorite movie, a new year, 1st issue comics, even a new presidency — I love the sense of potential that comes with beginnings.
  2. Books – It’s probably fairly obvious that I love books, all kinds of books. Whether classics, novels, plays, comics, poetry, biography, history or the writing craft, I’m happy with a book in hand.
  3. Bonanza – One of the best television shows ever. The Cartwrights always stand for what’s just, no matter the consequences. Adam is my favorite.
  4. Birdhouses – I like to paint birdhouses. It’s relaxing to think that they don’t have to be perfect in every detail. It’s also a fairly inexpensive hobby. 
  5. Baklava – The exact origin of this dessert of all desserts is fuzzy, but it’s a Greek recipe involving layers of bread, nuts and honey. I only know a couple of people who make it. The store-bought stuff just isn’t the same.
  6. Bookshelves – A natural extension of my love for books is my fascination with bookshelves. Bookshelf is where I get my fix.
  7. Bald Eagles – I count 23 eagle-related items in my house, including a brass statue, a National Geographic and the 2008 calendar I’ve yet to take down. I’m thinking about making a trip to the dollar store to get another small figure.
  8. Bread – Low-carb lifestyle? The Atkins Diet? Meat? Not for me, Pal. Just give me the bread and bread-like items. Mmmm… bread. *Drool*
  9. Bully the Little Stuffed Bull – Who can resist the cuteness factor of this little guy? Besides that, he always has some great comics-related material to share on his blog.
  10. Bagpipes – I hear a lot of people say they don’t like the pipes, but I do.

About James A Woods
Freelance Writer, Constant Learner, Family Man

3 Responses to Brought to You by the Letter B

  1. TexasRed says:

    I love how you have bagpipes, baklava, and birdhouses in the same post. Thanks for the bookshelf blog link, too!

  2. TexasRed says:

    Heh, you’re never going to get to write about what you want — just tagged you again.

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