The Fantastic Four — It's a Jewish Thing

Marjorie Ingall of The Jewish Daily Forward discusses the relation of superheroes to Judaism in her article Bam! Pow! Whack!

I’ve long known that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were Jews who created a Messianic hero in Superman. I’ve known about Stan Lee (Stanley Lieber), face of Marvel Comics and creator of Spiderman, Bob Kane (Bob Kahn), creator of Batman, and Jack Kirby (Jacob Kurtzberg), creator of the Fantastic Four.

But I never knew about Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing. According to Ms. Ingall, Jack Kirby thought of The Thing as Jewish and reportedly kept a drawing of him wearing a tallit. He also has a Hebrew name — Benjamin Jacob Grimm.

The Thing’s Jewish identity was revealed in “Remembrance of Things Past”,  Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #56, published in August 2002, written by Karl Kesel. Stan Lee has said he never thought of The Thing as being of any particular faith.

The Thing

The Thing


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