Caught Reading Jellaby

As part of her ongoing conspiracy to keep from writing about what I really want to write about (see comments on Brought to You by the Letter B), Shonda of TexasRed Books has tagged me with yet another meme.

For this Bookworm Meme, I must grab the closest book (no exceptions), turn to page 56, and share what line 5 says.

The book is Jellaby, an all-ages graphic novel by Kean Soo. Page 56, line 5: “Carrot?”

I tag David of My Thought Spot. What’cha readin’, Mr Peach?



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2 Responses to Caught Reading Jellaby

  1. TexasRed says:

    Heee… my only concern was that you might be in a graphic novel with less than 56 pages.

  2. dpeach says:

    I have already done this one recently, but I will play along in your comment. I am reading “A Basic Grammar of New Testament Greek.” Fortunately line 5 of page 56 is all in English. I don’t have to figure out how to type Greek in your comment area.

    “(ii) Only with the dative:”

    Here is my recent post:

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