12for12k Wants to Stop the Silence

12for12kAcross the world, 150 million girls and 73 million boys are subjected to forced sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual violence. In the United States at least one out of four girls and one out of seven boys are sexually abused by 18 years old.  Nearly 50 percent of all sexual assaults are against girls aged 15 or younger.

There are an estimated 60-80 million survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) in the United States alone. CSA produces extremely severe consequences, including:

  • Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychological problems
  • Anti-social behaviors
  • Decreased school performance and delinquency
  • Substance abuse
  • Promiscuity
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV
  • Prostitution
  • Homicide and suicide
  • Incarceration

Stop the Silence provides education, training and community outreach to bring awareness to this horrible problem. Their mission is to expose and stop child sexual abuse and help survivors heal worldwide. The charity’s overarching goals are to:

  1. Help stop child sexual abuse (CSA) and related forms of violence
  2. Promote healing of victims and survivors
  3. Celebrate the lives of those healed

 CSA costs our nation billions of dollars annually, but you can help by donating just ten dollars during the month of February. Stop the Silence is this month’s pick for the 12for12k Challenge. For more information visit 12for12k.org.



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3 Responses to 12for12k Wants to Stop the Silence

  1. Ingrid Berzins Leuzy says:

    The stats are staggering when you stop to think about it so thank goodness for organizations like ‘Stop The Silence’. Awareness is key…but so is having a place to turn to if victimized. If you are interested in organizing a fund-raiser I would gladly donate a certain number of my book ‘Silent Women’ towards such a worthy cause.

    Ingrid Berzins Leuzy
    Silent Women

  2. John Haydon says:

    Ingrid or James,

    I am the blogging outreach dude for 12for12k. Please contact me about the ‘Silent Women’ book offer: johnscotthaydon@gmail.com

    John Haydon

  3. Pamela Pine says:

    Pamela Pine, here. I am the Founder and CEO of Stop the Silence. Thank you all so much! And, to everyone who reads this and to everyone who contributes, thank you!!

    I want to extend an invitation and put forward a little request: I want to invite you to the sixth annual awareness raising event, the Run and Rally to Stop the Silence in on Apirl 19, 2009 in West Potomac Park, Washington, D.C. It is a run and it is a walk, but it is far more than that. We have inspirational speakers, we have informational booths, we have the Guardians of Children (GOC) bikers and Bikers Against Chiled Abuse (BACA) of Gettysburg coming to help really Stop the Silence, games and toys for kids, bands, food and more. Register to walk. Register to run. Register for the rally — but register. Register even if you can’t come (it’s only $20 bucks) — there is strength in numbers and we’re trying to tell policymakers and the public that we intend to Stop the Silence together: http://www.stopcsa.org/Race. Join us in whatever way you can!! Thank you!

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