Update on Writing Goals for 2009

Groundhog Day always sets me to thinking about where I am in life and what changes I need to make. I spent Monday not getting a whole lot accomplished, but I did have a productive trip to the library. I also went to see a doctor about my back. It seems my time with Workers Comp may be coming to a close, but I’m not any better. (Phil saw his shadow, by the way.)

This Groundhog Day seemed like a good time to give some thought to the goals for 2009 I set January 1, an opportunity to  see where I’m at in keeping the goals and refine them a little.

Finish inspirational book tentatively titled The Sky’s the Limit.

My intention is to create a workable first draft by Nov 1. I can do better on this; I haven’t worked on it for a couple of weeks.

Write an ebook to promote said book.

I’ll have to have something from the actual book to put in it. I’ll worry about this come June or July.

Promote one charity / non-profit each month.

So far, so good. I’ve joined the 12for12k Challenge for this purpose. January’s charity was War Child. February’s is Stop the Silence.

Build on online community around this blog.

I originally started this blog to promote the book, but spent several months meandering. I’ve done some thinking about my message and target audience, and you can expect to start seeing some changes around the site.

It will, however, continue as a personal blog — allowing me to ramble on about books and comics and memes Shonda gets me into. If you’re a regular here, please drop me a line (either comment here or use the contact addy on the about page). I’d love to have your input.

Provide for my family with a freelance writing income and quit the day job.

It appears I may not be going back to my delivery job for a long time. I’m going to have to find something to pay the bills, and I would prefer a writerly job of some sort.

I’m ammending this one to, “Provide a sustainable income with writing-related employment.” In the mean time, I’m working paying gigs for care2 and Suite101. Although, Suite101 hardly counts as the pay isn’t anything to speak of.

Begin a novel.

And I’ll do just that — begin. I’m good at planning novels. Outlines, character sketches, plot, setting, I got ’em all. Actual words on paper? No. This month I’ll be going over my notes to choose which story I will work on.

Enter three writing contests.

Haven’t done anything here; need to get started.

Complete NaNoWriMo.

National Novel Writing Month happens in November. So I’ve still got plenty of time on this one. I’ll start the early planning Sept 1.

Write an ebook about the U.S. Presidential Inaugural speeches.

This one’s started, but dead in the water. I need to do better.

Write three guest posts for other blogs.

I’m working on the first one this month. Some kind soul offered me the opportunity to write for her professional book blog. I intend to produce a post worthy of her site.

Create weekly comic strips with Stripgenerator.

I’m a little surprised I’ve stayed on top of this one. My strip blog is Amid the Alien Corn, but I post links here. I’m doing a loose interpretation of the book of Ruth.

The Book of Ruth 1.5 features the first big break from the traditional text when it introduces a ninja assassin. You can expect to see him (or her) again.

Write a movie script.

I’m refining this one. I will write a feature-length movie script. I have three ideas for the story and need to decide on one.

I’m currently writing a comedy with a friend who makes short videos to put on YouTube.

Create a collectible card game.

It’s already in head, sorta Chess played with cards. I just have to get it on paper.



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2 Responses to Update on Writing Goals for 2009

  1. Pete says:

    Hi, wow, you haven’t half set out some goals here, have you; I’m impressed with your list. Sorry to read of your back being messed up, that’s a rough one to deal with; I hope with time and gentle movement it becomes a non-issue for you.
    Good luck with all the ideas and projects. I look forward to reading ’em and seeing how the YouTube short film project turns out!
    As Floyd, the Muppet bassist would say, “Ain’ nuthin’ to it but to do it!”
    Go for it!
    pete S.
    p.s. Your comic strip has me curious enough to wish I had time to read the original so as to understand what’s going on, lol. I hope it’s archived so that when I *do* get some time, I can go back and figure it out.

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