Shonda of TexasRed Books asks me these 5 questions as part of a mini-interview meme.

What are your current goals for “The Sky’s the Limit”?

I intend to rework the site later this year to make it more visually appealing and friendlier to use. My weekly comic project, The Book of Ruth, will get a dedicated page and tools like Twitter and Facebook will be integrated.

What’s been your favorite book to review on

John Lithgow’s Poets’ Corner. I wrote a review for FictionAddiction.NET, but it never made it on the site. I wrote the second review for Suite101 because I love the book and want readers to know about it.

Batman vs. The Watchmen, who wins?

Batman, hands down. Whether you’re talking about my personal preference of title, who would win in a fight or which movie franchise will make the most dough, it’s gotta be Batman all the way.

What’s your favorite thing about West Texas?

There is a legend that when the first Spanish explorers came to West Texas they exclaimed, “The sky’s the limit!” The rough and ready attitude of the people of West Texas — perhaps largely shaped by the geography — is my favorite thing about the area.

Are you submitting an entry for the West Texas Writers’ Short Story Competition?

No. I didn’t enter the first year or this year because of my position as President of West Texas Writers. We never made a rule saying members of the Executive Committee can’t enter; it’s just my personal choice. Perhaps next year.

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One Response to Mini-Interview

  1. Karen Swim says:

    I have said it before but I’ll go on record here again, you Texans have all the fun! Great mini-interview and it’s always lovely to find out new things about those you follow in cyberspace. Batman all the way! 🙂

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