Scott McCloud Returns to The Right Number

Scott McCloud, the author of Understanding Comics, returns to his early web-based comic The Right Number to complete the final chapter.

Scott says, “I’m back from hibernation with a big site redesign.” The site first launched in 1998 and was fairly active at one time, but has been close to dead the last few years as Scott toured all 50 states (with wife and kids along), made several appearances as a guest lecturer, put out the Zot! collection and produced a controversial comic for Google Chrome.

The redesigned looks great and is still growing. Scott plans to add a proper blog, do a couple of more Morning Improvs and finish The Right Number.

The Right Number began in 2003 as  an experimental project. Not only was it a web comic with an unusual panel zooming device, but it used micropayments before the idea had come to general awareness.

Micropayments are small payments, say 25 cents, for web content. The scheme failed, but there has been a recent resurgence of interest in micropayments as more comics and text works are becoming web-based.

The first two chapters of The Right Number are available now, and Scott plans to finish the third chapter sometime soon. But here’s the best part: they’re now free. So don’t hesitate to visit Scott’s site and read his content.

Scott McCloud is a sought after lecturer, writer and comics apologist. He is the author of Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, Making Comics, and Zot! The Complete B&W Collection.




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One Response to Scott McCloud Returns to The Right Number

  1. DPeach says:

    We bought Making Comics for our son’s birthday one year. As someone interested in communication and the importance of being very clear and understood, I enjoyed the book as much as or more than my son. I think Scott is a communicative genius. I have recommended that book to several other preacher friends. I would like to read more of Scott’s communicative works.

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