Borders UK Gives Graphic Novels Their Due

Borders UK is launching a new promotional bay, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, which will highlight a wide range of children’s graphic novels from an array of authors and publishers.

The decision to launch the children’s bay reflects a 21% increase in sales of graphic novels at Borders in 2008. Graphic novels are a significant growth area in the children’s market.

Borders is marking the launch with a ‘multibuy’ offer of three books for the price of two and the new bay will form a key part in ongoing promotional programs.

Each store will carry about 70 titles. Key books in the bay the first week include:

Borders UK children’s buyer JP Hunting says, “Previously children’s graphic novels got put into the children’s section so titles got a bit lost. With a dedicated section, it will be easier for customers to find these titles.”

Borders’ new bay is a good step in the right direction. Consumers don’t seem to be aware of the wonderful graphic novels available for children and all-ages audiences. Increasing the accessibility of these books is a win-win-win, benefiting readers, the comics industry and booksellers.



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