Are You Ready for Free Comic Book Day '09?

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is May 2, 2009. It’s the day when participating comics retailers around the world give away comic books absolutely free. There have been 7 Free Comic Book Days so far, and millions of free comics have been given to interested readers. 

Thunderstruck Comics and Collectibles in Midland, TX will be giving away virtually every FCBD title available for this year’s event. Thunderstruck is a great store with an intimate customer base and a two year track record handling comics and related paraphernalia for comics fans in the Permian Basin.


They carry in-house almost everything from Marvel and DC and can order anything you want from Previews – the industry’s source for readers. Everything in the store is fairly priced and then reduced 15%. On top of that, Thunderstruck takes care of the tax. The back issue bins, with over 2,000 comics, accommodate both casual and serious collectors.


I know where I’m headed for Free Comic Book Day. What are your plans?

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