Cynthia L. Clack & Doodles The American Hero

Cynthia L. Clack was the featured speaker at the March 7, 2009, meeting of West Texas Writers. She is the Author of Doodles The American Hero.


Cynthia L. Clack grew up in West Texas and has practiced law in Odessa for several years. About 14 years ago, a yearning to express her creativity led her to take up writing. She has penned songs, a rock opera, a creative autobiography, a screenplay and a children’s book.

On a rainy Saturday in 1999 she wrote a story about a little girl’s puppy. The story later developed into Doodles The American Hero. The book is dedicated to children whose parents serve as military, police, emergency service or rescue workers.

Ms. Clack spoke about keeping the creative edge while working a day job. She said that writing is creative, therapeutic and educational. And it can take on a life of its own, having potential to impact readers.

She left the members and guests of West Texas Writers with three key thoughts:

  1. Enjoy the writing process.
  2. Just write. Don’t worry about finding the proper location or time.
  3. Be kind to one another when sharing creative works.

Cynthia L. Clack proved a wonderful addition to our roster of speakers, and I hope to hear her speak again.

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