Eight Bloggers I Want to Know Better

proximade_awardShonda of TexasRed Books has awarded The Sky’s the Limit a Proximade Award. The aim of which appears to be the creation of new friendships and stronger ties among the blogging community.

Keeping the spirit of the award, I intend to strengthen ties with my fellow bloggers; but I won’t be passing along the award according to the rules.

Here are eight bloggers I want to know better:

Chris Brogan – chrisbrogan.com

I joined Twitter while I was promoting YUDU Media. One of the first people I followed there, Liz Strauss, introduced me to Chris Brogan. He advises businesses, organizations, and individuals on the use of social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value.

His blog and Twitter stream are consistently full of useful information. I learned how to use Twitter by following Chris. I have attended an e-conference where he presented and watched video of him speaking at the O’Reilly Tools of Change conference.

Danny Brown – dannybrown.me

I met Danny Brown through Twitter. Chris Brogan had an idea last December to support a different charity each month of the year. I was already thinking about how I could use my blog to help the Pink Cross Foundation so it seemed like perfect timing.

A few days later Chris tweeted about Danny Brown and the budding 12for12k Challenge. 12fo12k supports a different charity each month, asking 1200 people to donate $10 each. The Challenge started strong in January and February and has exceeded the goal for March.

Danny is the owner of Press Release PR, an agency combining traditional PR and marketing with social media. He provides consultancy services to clients in both the consumer and commercial markets, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses.

Michelle Devon – Freelancing and Fiction

Michelle and I have been connected on Yahoo! 360, MySpace, Twitter and (most recently) Facebook. We have participated in NaNoWriMo together. She has spoken at West Texas Writers and will be our featured speaker for our second annual Celebration of Writers.

Most importantly, I know I can pick up the phone any time and ask writerly questions of Michelle. I can learn so much from her, and she is willing to share her knowledge.

Shonda – TexasRed Books

Shonda currently serves as the Secretary of West Texas Writers. I first met her at one of our meetings. She came to visit, signed up and has been an integral part of our organization since.

On her bookish blog she says, “I moved to a small town in West Texas in early 2008. After moving 11 times in the past 10 years, I’m enjoying putting down roots, the slower pace of life out here, and the ability to indulge in creative interests such as my shameless addiction to fiction.”

Clary Lopez – Moonlit Walks

Clary and I go back to my days on Yahoo! 360. She is kind, spiritual and a fascinating writer. Originally from Puerto Rico she came to live in the United States in 1982.

A fairly active community surrounds her blog. She excells at encouraging reader participation using thought provoking posts and interesting questions.

David Peach – My Thought Spot

David and I went to a Christian school together. He was a few years older, and I looked up to him and his brothers. I think a lot of the kids did.

David keeps a personal blog covering topics such as books, geocaching, running and podcasting. He produces a podcast called Missionary Talks. He has served as a missionary and is currently speaking and preaching in churches in the United States.

Chuck Westbrook – Chuck Westbrook’s Blog

I’ve forgotten how I first heard of Chuck’s plan to bring deserved attention to under-appreciated blogs. I do remember signing on immediately, thinking it would be a benefit to my own traffic. I have seen an increase, but the real value is in the blogs Chuck has exposed to me.

I keep up with his new pick every two weeks and follow him on Twitter. Chuck is always quick to answer my questions, has taught me the value of partnering to achieve big goals and is an all-around nice guy.

Zoe Westhof – Essential Prose

Zoe’s blog was Chuck’s first featured blog. Her posts were fascinating and challenging, and she was happy to answer my nosy questions about her experience as Chuck’s first pick.

Zoe consistently offers well written posts on creativity, balance and writing. It seems like she is always writing about a topic that has been on my mind, and her posts help me develop my thoughts.

I know each of these eight bloggers to some degree. Some are friends. Some I’ve met face to face. Some I know only a little. They are all creative, well written and involved with social media beyond their blogs. (Everyone listed is a Twitter user.)

 I want to know these people better. For that reason I will be strengthening ties with each one, reaching out and offering friendship. I look forward to developing valuable relationships with everyone on this list.

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About James A Woods
Freelance Writer, Constant Learner, Family Man

8 Responses to Eight Bloggers I Want to Know Better

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Hey there James,

    Thank you so much for including me in your list, I’m touched fella. 🙂

    I read a couple of blogs on here already (and you’re right, Chuck Westbrook had a great idea for blogger recognition) and I’m off to check the others out now.

    Cheers bud, appreciate it and a pleasure to know you.

  2. Zoe says:


    This is a cool list — definitely gives me reason to check out the others! I really appreciate your kind words as well 🙂

  3. DPeach says:

    I saw your tweet this morning about the 8 bloggers list. I never thought I would be on the list. Thanks. Now I have to find time to actually update the blog. Been traveling and seeing some great things. I just have to carve out some time to write about it.

  4. chrisbrogan says:

    Not sure where Odessa is to Dallas, but I’ll be in Dallas at the end of May. Might be a chance to say howdy, as I’ll be running a conference. : )

    • adamtree says:

      @chrisbrogan: Dallas is about a 7 hour drive from here. That might sound like a long way, but it’s really not that far when you live in Texas. I’d like to find out more about the conference.

      BTW, If you ever fly through the Midland International Airport, you’re 20 minutes away from where I live. The airport is just about in the middle of the Midland/Odessa metroplex.

  5. Pingback: Five Steps To Becoming a Vital Member of Blog-Based Communities « The Sky’s the Limit

  6. TexasRed says:

    Thanks so much – this is a great list!

  7. I could have sworn I commented on this the first time around, and I’m sorry if I missed it. I remember you tweeting it and I shared it on my board, but I guess I never commented. My bad!

    Thanks for the mention… it’s great to know you and look forward to getting to know you better through our writing journeys.

    Love and stuff,

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