Superman/Batman: Saga of the Super Sons

Saga of the Super SonsSuperman/Batman: Saga of the Super Sons is a 250+ page trade paperback collecting selections from World’s Finest and one Elseworlds 80-Page Giant from 1972 – 1999. Most of the issues are from the ’70s.

If you’ve ever wondered what Superman’s and Batman’s sons would be like – super chips of the ol’ block or super duds – look no further than “Saga of the Super Sons” originally published in World’s finest #215. “Imagination? Put-on? No! For now, here, revealed in all its shock and human anguish, the sensational top-secret World’s Finest story that cried out to be told…”

The talents of Dick Dillin, Henry Scarpelli, Murphy Anderson, Vince Coletta, Tex Blaisdell, Curt Swan, John Calnan, Ernie Chan, Rich Buckler, Dick Giordano and Kieron Dwyer are credited with the art. The art is fairly decent, my complaint being that it’s difficult to tell the super sons apart when they’re not in costume.

The coloring is what makes this collection fun to look at. Most issues aren’t credited, but Jerry Serpe appears on a couple of the stories. Plenty of bright four-color work provides the bold reds and yellows that make older comics so appealing. (Modern inkers could learn a lesson or two.)

Bob Haney handles writing duty. Bruce Wayne JR. and Clark Kent Jr. encounter biker gangs, crime bosses, dirty dealers, aliens, ghosts and Lex Luthor’s daughter in their exciting adventures. The stories are often un-intentionally goofy, but enjoyable. And you’ll trip over all that ’70s rap, baby.

Superman/Batman: Saga of the Super Sons is a pleasent look back at 1970s pop culture and the outright, all-ages fun of older comics. It’s also interesting to see how DC Comics handled things once they realized the mess they created by allowing the super sons to exist in the first place. This comic is a fun read.

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