Operation Comix Relief Needs Our Help

A rise in shipping rates is making it difficult for Chris Tarbassian, who runs Operation Comix Relief, to fulfil his mission of putting free comics in the hands of soldiers.

Operation Comix Relief

Operation Comix Relief

According to the MetroPlex Daily News – Holy postage Batman!: Higher postage may limit comic book shipments to GIs– postage prices leapt from $2.58 per shipment to more than $5 when postal workers informed Mr. Tarbassian he could no longer ship comics at the media mail rate.

A spokeswoman for the post office, Denise Varano, says media mail is for educational materials, excluding comic books because of their advertisements. She then unhelpfully pointed out that customer service representatives could help Tarbassian determine his shipping options.

Tarbassian runs Operation Comix Relief out of his home. His original goal was to get comics in the hands of Major (then Capt.) Tom Chafe, an Air Force Flight Nurse, who read them and passed them on to sick and wounded soldiers.

The operation has since expanded to a larger scope, and Tarbassian now provides comics to any front line soldier. Operation Comix Relief has shipped to Afghanistan, Cuba, Germany, Haiti, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kosovo, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Operation Comix Relief

Operation Comix Relief

The postal service is enforcing existing rules regarding media mail, but perhaps the rules should be amended to exclude charitable organizations. Tarbassian has called the offices of U.S. senators Ted Kennedy and John Kerry for help getting a lower rate.

Operation Comix Relief has plenty of comics to send, but Tarbassian needs monetary donations to cover postage. The organization’s website offers contact information for making donations.

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