Writing Goals 2009 Q2

Not only is Spring a wonderful season of renewal, but I love these weeks from Passover to Pentecost. The early days of the season and the beginning of the second quarter of ’09 seem like a good time to consider my writing goals for the year.

Two of my goals —  writing an ebook to promote a larger work  and completing National Novel Writing Month — can be safely put off until later. However, several goals demand immediate attention if I’m going to get anywhere.

Finishing the first draft of a book tentatively titled The Sky’s the Limit,beginning a novel, entering three writing contests and writing three guest posts for other blogs, a feature-length movie script and a collectible card game are among the goals I’m not doing so well with. I’ve lost all interest in writing an ebook about the U.S. Presidential Inaugural speeches.

I’ve been rethinking priorities and I’ve changed building an online community around this blog to “Become a vital member of a selection of online communities.” I want to be an encouragement to my fellow bloggers. Will my own traffic benefit? Probably. But this is going to be an others-centered goal.

I’m working on providing a sustainable income with writing-related employment. I’ve filed for unemployment and disability because I can’t return to my day job and the worker’s comp carrier has cut me off. I’m looking for something to pay the bills, preferably a writerly job of some sort.

Two goals I’ve stayed on top of — creating weekly comic strips with Stripgenerator and promoting one charity / non-profit each month. My strip blog — a loose interpretation of the book of Ruth — is at Amid the Alien Corn, but I post links here. The 12for12k Challenge has allowed to fulfil the other commitment. War Child, Stop the Silence, Share Our Strength and Yehu.org have benefited from the efforts of 12fo12k. March was the first month to reach (and surpass) the $12,000 goal.

My revised writing goals for 2009:

  1. Finish first draft of inspirational book tentatively titled The Sky’s the Limit.
  2. Write an ebook to promote said book.
  3. Promote one charity / non-profit each month.
  4. Become a vital member of a selection of online communities.
  5. Provide a sustainable income with writing-related employment.
  6. Begin a novel.
  7. Enter three writing contests.
  8. Complete NaNoWriMo.
  9. Write a commercially viable ebook.
  10. Write three guest posts for other blogs.
  11. Create weekly comic strips with Stripgenerator.
  12. Write a feature-length movie script.
  13. Create a collectible card game.

Are you as excited about the second quarter of ’09 as you were the first? Where do you stand on your goals for the year?

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5 Responses to Writing Goals 2009 Q2

  1. Meilee says:

    Read your blog from your post on Twitter. Great goals – has inspired me to rethink my own. I’m doing fairly well on my 2009 goal sheet but as I review them….there is a staggering amount of physical related accomplishments – not so much on the intellectual side of things. I’ve run my first 5K, training for my first 10K. I’ve taken a mini-vacation w/ the family. I’m close to the health goals. I’ve written several snippets for work…but nothing for my personal writing! Thank you so much for posting your goals in such a public fashion. Do you keep your lists year to year? Ever go back and reread them?

  2. adamtree says:

    This is the third year my wife and I have kept a list of household goals, but the first year I’ve made a formal list of writing goals. Posting my goals gives added incentive to reach them: I don’t want to embarass myself.

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  4. TexasRed says:

    I’m checking out the writing contests this month’s speaker sponsors. Have you joined her forum yet? http://www.accentuateservices.com/AS/node/13

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