The Power of Praise

In his post In Praise of Praise, Chris Brogan talks about how he loves the opportunity to praise things. I’ve been watching Chris for a few months — on his blog, on Twitter and on video — and I can say with certainty this is true.

Chris talks about the power of praise and where it comes from:

“Giving someone something doesn’t elicit praise. Praise comes from an experience that causes positive emotions, and that’s a tricky thing that matters.”

His post shows me that I could more readily praise the people and organizations which create positive experiences in my life. What about you? What has elicited praise from you lately?

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One Response to The Power of Praise

  1. TexasRed says:

    Good point & many people are SO much more motivated by praise than negative criticism.

    Speaking of — I left an award for you over on my page:

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