Surrounded by Career Renegades

career-renegadeOn our way to the library recently, my wife and I were discussing the state of my back injury and our need to draw an income of some sort. Stopping by the graphic novel section, I discovered a mis-shelved book on our very concern.

Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields was stuffed among the comics. I’m just shy of halfway through the book, and it’s full of useful information. It’s also full of familiar names.

Seth Godin, who’s blog I read regularly, provides a blurb for the cover. Mr. Fields mentions in his text Ted Murphy and IZEA, Inc., Darren Rowse (I’m participating in his 31 day blog challenge) of Problogger, and Chris Brogan.

I read a portion of the book dedicated to Liz Strauss just a few hours after an exchange with her over Twitter. Liz is the first person I followed on Twitter, and she introduced me to Chris Brogan and Ted Murphy.

It’s like this book was written with me in mind. I’m surrounded by the career renegades it mentions.

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One Response to Surrounded by Career Renegades

  1. TexasRed says:

    Any good advice so far?

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