Publishing Requires Recognition of Creativity and Innovation

The Book Oven provides an interesting thought on the role of book publishers in our changing times. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that the publisher’s job is to advocate for the writer in the wider world. Who else but a traditional publishing house knows how best to distribute and promote books?

The post also discusses the importance of editors:

In any case, good editors are always going to be in great demand, no matter the distribution channels. Maybe they will become more like freelance investors/advisers on independently published books…

Damien G. Walter, in the Guardian, advocates greater recognition for editors. He argues most editors don’t receive due recognition for their efforts because of a misunderstanding about the nature of their position.

With one hand editors aid the artistic and creative process of writers, while with the other they feed the product of that process into the machinery of commercial publishing. In mainstream literature editors have tended to be seen as agents of that machinery first and foremost, with their creative role often overlooked.

Also in the Guardian, Robert McCrum discusses the related need for innovation in the publishing industry. He looks for the maverick start-up with the vision necessary to take advantage of our changing economy.

Perhaps these inovators will be the ones to advocate for authors and provide valuable creative services without succumbing to the poor practices of the traditional publishing model.

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