12for12k Blogs Targeted by TweetJack Hacker

12for12kSeveral blogs related to the 12for12k Challenge have been targeted by a hacker using the name Jack Tweet.

Sometime on April 30, an unknown person (or persons, I suppose) began hacking into 12for12k-related blogs and leaving cryptic messages. Danny Brown, founder of 12for12k was one of the first victims, but others soon followed.

John Haydon’s CorporateDollar.org and SuzeMuze have been hit more than once. Jack seems to be demanding $250 and claiming that all will “end well.” Story Assistant has also received a note, this one with a concerning title.

The incident extends beyond the blogs to other parts of the net. The hacker has established a presence on Twitter and on YouTube, where he left these videos:



About James A Woods
Freelance Writer, Constant Learner, Family Man

2 Responses to 12for12k Blogs Targeted by TweetJack Hacker

  1. Jack Tweet says:

    James. Ah, James.

    I find your… view… of me.

    Unfair, shall we say?

    Shall we dance a little, you and I? I haven’t danced in a while…

    I do look forward to the dance.

    • adamtree says:

      I think we can both agree on the power of social media to change lives. If you didn’t think that 12for12k can do good things, you wouldn’t go to all this trouble.

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