Jericho Movie in Development?

The Internet Movie Database isn’t exactly known for it’s accuracy, especially in recording movies in development/production, but this is interesting.

The IMDb shows that a film based on CBS’s Jericho is in development for a 2010 release. Jericho, starring Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James, is a drama about what happens in a once peaceful, all-American town after a co-ordinated nuclear attack on the United States.

The Save Jericho! page on Facebook brings news of the formation of an exploratory committee to to recruit fans, organize events and advertise the upcoming film. The committee will be comprised of 7 officers charged with separate responsibilities, including:

  • A Public Relations Officer for planning and organizing events and communicating with the Jericho stars.
  • A Planning and Logistics Officer for planning and organizing events and fundraisers.
  • A Marketing Officer for spreading the word to multiple outlets.
  • A Fundraising Officer for leading fundraising and causes such as Welcome Home to Jericho.
  • An Operations/Chairperson Officer for overseeing the board as a whole.
  • A Corporate Officer for negotiations with television networks and Hollywood.
  • An IT Officer for co-ordinating websites, message boards and social media.
  • An Affiliation Officer for creating affiliations between the board and other groups with similar goals.

Officer elections are Sunday, June 21. Interested parties may inquire at

Update: Apparently, the IMDb is referring to this movie, not the beloved CBS series. See Gwen’s comment below. Hope for a Jericho movie and/or new episodes continues.

The first season of Jericho is available on YouTube.

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9 Responses to Jericho Movie in Development?

  1. Mark K6 says:

    The Jericho fanbase is huge and has not given up on more Jericho.

    Goal is Movie and hopefully a season three.


  2. law0621 says:

    I am so looking forward to this movie, but I still feel that Jericho needs to go forward with new seasons as there is still so much story to be told that I feel it needs more than just a movie. The fans are looking for our show back in a weekly series once more to enjoy and we do enjoy it very much. I love this show and all the actors in it and would welcome them back in my home at anytime.

  3. Gwen says:

    Hi Adam,

    Unfortunately, that IMDB listings shows Red Sparrow as the production company.

    There is no Jericho movie listed under CBS Paramount or Junction Entertainment.

    Since IMDB tends to be slow and the movie is still in development, this is understandable.


  4. TexasRed says:

    I didn’t get into Jericho when it was on air, but it may be one like Firefly / Serenity that I need to see the movie first & then have a context to fill in the backstory with DVDs.

  5. artzylady says:

    Not sure is this imdb listing is accurate but am waiting patiently for the more info in the Jericho movie. Personally, I love the story and can’t wait for it to continue.

  6. Nors says:

    I will support a Jericho Movie!

  7. Cher says:

    My whole family would definitely support a movie version of the CBS Jericho Series!

  8. beebull says:

    Jericho my all time favorite show on the big screen will be awesome, then a season 3 is the goal.

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