Follow Friday: 12for12k Supporters

I’ve been intending to create a Follow Friday post for about a month now. I forget where I saw it first, but I think placing the recommendations in a blog post is much nicer than short tweets.

Follow Friday is a Twitter meme which seems to be spreading to blogs and other social networks. The purpose is to draw attention to wonderful people who are worth following on Twitter and elsewhere on the net.

The following people are all supporters of 12for12k, the non-profit which supports a different charity each month.

Cheryl Fehlberg@CherylFehlberg

Cheryl is an editor, copywriter and proof reader from Melbourne, Australia. She believes good service should be invisible to the client. It should not be overstated nor understated — just invisible. Cheryl blogs at Does Anyone Understand Good Service These Days?

Mickey Gomez@mickeygomez

Mickey is a lover of books, music and social media. She and I agree that everyone can make a difference. I only recently began following Mickey on Twitter, but can already sense her sweet spirit. She also keeps a personal blog.

Jon Aston@JonAston

Jon is a marketing and business development strategist, in addition to being a husband and father. You never know what his sharp, Canadian mind will come up with next. Jon shares his ideas at thought process…

Gina LaGuardia@GinaLaGuardia

Gina is a mommy and content manager in New York City. She is an active twitter user and quick to reply to tweets. Gina’s website offers her editorial services.

I hope you’ll check out the Twitter feeds and/or websites of these fine people. There will be more to come next Follow Friday.

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About James A Woods
Freelance Writer, Constant Learner, Family Man

3 Responses to Follow Friday: 12for12k Supporters

  1. Jon Aston says:

    Thanks very much for including me – and for your kind words!

  2. Mickey Gomez says:

    Wow, James, thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and generous shout-out!

    I appreciate it and look forward to learning more about you. So glad that we met through #12for12k. 🙂


  3. James,
    Thank you so much for the shout-out! I feel extremely honored, and especially to be amongst this amazing group of people.

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