David Gallaher Proposes Firestar Action Figure

Robot 6 lists Six comic book action figures that need to be made right now. David Gallaher, Chris Mautner and JK Parkin contribute to the list, which includes:

  1. Firestar
  2. The Ti-Girls
  3. Guy Gardner
  4. Atomic Robo
  5. Snake and Bacon
  6. Bandit, Tinker and Pirate from We3

My vote lies with David Gallaher‘s choice of Firestar. He makes a strong case.

I thought about a character whose history dates back almost 30 years. Playing the lead role in one of the best Marvel cartoons, she starred in her own limited series, was in a couple of coloring books, was a member of the Avengers, an enemy of the X-Men, a founding member of the New Warriors, and is currently starring in Marvel Divas.

Who better to stand alongside those Iceman and Spider-Man action figures?

Guy Gardner and Atomic Robo are also great suggestions. What action figure would you like to see made?

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