Five Ways to Improve Your Writing This Week

We all want to improve our writing. Whether novelists, biographers, poets, hobbyists or even technical writers, it’s important that we always grow our craft through positive habits, organization, education and sharing with others.

Here our five ways to improve your writing this week:

Kill your television habit.

More time is wasted by mindless television viewing than just about any other activity we can engage in. Plan your viewing. Only watch the few DVDs and programs that will be beneficial to your writing and uplifting to you and your family.

Create a valuable daily habit.

Replace the television habit with a new habit — one that will help your writing. Read a how-to book, play a word game or do a creative exercise. Refuse to waste the gift of another day.

Eliminate the clutter.

How much time do we spend searching the piles of clutter around our homes for a vital bit of writing or information? Assign everything it’s rightful place, and keep it there. (This is a good way to justify the purchase of a new filing cabinet or book shelf to your spouse.)

Learn something new.

Water that doesn’t flow becomes stagnant. In the same way, our writing becomes tired and powerless when we don’t make a conscious effort to improve our craft. Try something you’ve not done before. Find someone who can teach you something you don’t know. These lessons don’t necessarily have to be about writing. Learning new things in and of itself gives us fodder for the writing process.

Share with someone else.

Share your experiences and what you’ve learned with another writer or creative type. We can only take in as much as we’re willing to give out. Don’t let the good news stop with you. Tell a friend, make a tweet, write a blog post or click a “Share This” button.

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About James A Woods
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