Revisiting My 9 Predictions for '09

About six months ago I shared my predictions for 2009. We have another six months to see what actually happens, but a couple have already come to pass and others are in the process of happening.

Below are my original predictions in bold, with my current thoughts following:

  1. Twitter will be flooded by corporations trying to monetize the platform. Most will have no clear objectives. Well, perhaps ‘flooded’ was the wrong word, but this one has happened.
  2. Britney Spears will release a Gospel album. Still waiting to see this one, but it won’t surprise me.
  3. Middle East unrest will result in the rise of global consensus to use drastic measures to bring quiet (there will be no peace) in Israel. Happening.
  4. MySpace will make an effort to regain ground lost to Facebook, but will fail. I never saw the effort, but I think we all see the fail.
  5. The UK and the United States governments will partner to launch a ratings system for the net. The ratings will be used to stifle free speech. Not sure where this one is at. Heard about it early in the year, but nothing lately.
  6. Facebook will make obvious efforts to compete with Twitter. Nailed it.
  7. President Obama’s emphasis on service to our fellow man will continue the changes already seen in our economy as it shifts its focus from material goods to intangible benefits. Not sure about this one. Perhaps I was too optimistic, but time will tell. BTW – This was never meant to be a political endorsement of our current President, just an observation about his effect on our changing economy.
  8. A radical change in publishing and journalism will push both industries towards a greater online presence. Many paper products will become e-products. The change doesn’t seem to be radical, but gradual. E-products are appearing more frequently, but they stand in addition to, not instead of, the paper products.
  9. Traffick to the Sky’s the Limit will increase six fold. Views during the week of the original post: 92. Views this week (estimated): 290. That’s a three-fold increase during the first six months of the year.

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