Follow Friday: People Who Love Comics

Follow Friday is a Twitter meme which seems to be spreading to blogs and other social networks. This is the third in a series of blog posts highlighting individuals and groups worth following on Twitter and elsewhere on the net.

 I forget where I saw it first, but I think placing the recommendations in blog posts is much nicer than short tweets. I’ve missed a couple of weeks due to poor planning, but I intend to make Follow Friday a regular feature of this blog if the response continues to be positive.

Valerie D’Orazio@ohsuperheroin

Valerie is a comics writer and blogger with a reputation for calling it how she sees it. With her insight into the comics industry and personal integrity that’s a very good thing.

She is the President of Friends of Lulu, a national organization for women in comics, and blogs at Occasional Superheroine. Her new book, Memoirs of an Occasional Superheroin is on sale now.

Carla Hoffman@cyberpilate

Her twitter bio describes her as “a girl who loves comics,” and it’s evident. Carla shares her thoughtful writing at Robot 6@ CBR. She inspired massive amounts of fanboy and -girl jealousy recently when she revealed she had been an extra in the newest Star Trek film.

David Gallaher@DavidGallaher

David is the award-winning writer behind the critically-acclaimed serialized webcomic High MoonHigh Moon is one of this year’s Harvey Awards nominees.


Rich is an all-around decent guy from the big city with impeccable taste in movies. After all, Casablanca is one of his favorites. His blog — Comic by Comic— delivers reviews, news and general thoughts on comics and their related culture. He also keeps a Posterous.

Bully the Little Stuffed Bull — @bullytheLSB

Little Stuffed Bull. Comics Fan. Heckuva nice guy. What else do you need to know? If you’re not reading Bully’s blog, you’re missing out. This cute little guy understands that Comics Oughta be Fun!

I hope you’ll check out the Twitter feeds and/or websites of these fine people (and cow). There will be more to come next Follow Friday.

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