Follow Friday: Four Fun Follows

Follow Friday is a Twitter meme which is spreading to blogs and other social networks. This is the fifth in a series of blog posts highlighting individuals and groups worth following on Twitter and elsewhere on the net.

One of Twitter’s many uses is as a filter for great web content. I tend to follow people and organizations who bring me information regarding useful articles and sites or causes I care about. However, I follow a few simply because it’s fun, and here are four of those:

Polenth Blake@Polenth

I know virtually nothing about Polenth Blake, but although Polenth’s tweets are few, they’re always interesting.

You know it’s hot when your chocolate has turned into a puddle. Poor puddly chocolate.

I do know that Polenth is a writer with a love of science fiction and fantasy. You can find out more on


This wife of 25 years and mom of two adult boys runs two online stores and two blogs and sells Avon. She consistently tweets interesting links and never shys away from sharing her love of cupcakes. Find more of her favorite things at miscellaneousfinds4u.

Captain Blasto@captainblasto / The Mercury Men@themercurymen

Captain Blasto was an incredible web series about a super-hero who stages the burglaries he stops. You can watch it here. Now, the same guys are presenting The Mercury Men.

That’s it for this Follow Friday. I hope you’ll check out the Twitter feeds and/or websites of these fine people. There’ll be more to come next time.

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One Response to Follow Friday: Four Fun Follows

  1. Connie says:

    Well, aren’t you sweet for including me! I’ve had to slow down on my cupcake obsession…but I’m sure I’ll be back on them soon.

    Thank you!

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