More Thoughts on Changing the World: The Rule of the Third Person

Mark Horoszowski of A Volunteer’s Guide to Changing the World explains the Rule of the 3rd person, and why you need one.

A localized tipping point is achieved only when the 3rd person joins a movement or event. This also means that success cannot be achieved until a 3rd person joins a movement.

Mr. Horoszowski continues with examples to back his claim, including Seth Godin’s Guy #3. I’ve previously discussed how Guy #3 wouldn’t have made the choice he did without Guys #1 and #2 going before him — fairly obvious stuff.

Here’s my question about the Rule of the 3rd Person: Why the 3rd person? Why not the forth or the fifth? Horoszowski presents some good arguments for the 3rd, but something about the rule doesn’t resonate. I can’t put my finger on why.

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