Entertain with an Outdoor Fire Pit from Outdora

Sojoe Fire Pit

Sojoe Fire Pit

This winter weather makes me want to entertain around an outdoor fire pit.

Frozen rain pelted our roof early Thursday morning, and the sky remained overcast throughout the day. Temperatures have been cooler since. It looks like winter weather is upon us.

Not that I mind, I love the cooler weather and cloudy days. It’s the perfect time of year to sit around an outdoor fire pit, perhaps roast some hot dogs and s’mores, even grill a steak. Outdora, which I’ve recently been happy to discover, features a nice variety of outdoor fire pits on their website.

My favorite outdoor fire pit from Outdora is the Sojoe fire pit. It’s rustic simplicity makes it an excellent centerpiece to an inviting outdoor space. Cutouts in the cold-rolled steel pit add an artistic flair and provide ventilation. (Anyone who has ever choked on campfire smoke knows the benefits of increased ventilation.) There are four designs to choose from, including willow crane, star and moon, kokopelli, and wildlife.

The Sojoe fire pit’s rustic finish never needs painting, and a safety ring encircles the rim. Not only will the safety ring help prevent burns, it also makes a convenient handle. I’m all for ease of use and low maintenance.

Outdora offers many other outdoor fire pits, however. Choices include fire pits, fire rings, chimineas, fireplaces and fire pit tables. Outdora’s elegant fire pit tables make a beautiful addition to any yard space, deck or patio. Bases are composed of masonry, wrought iron and stainless steel, and tops come in a selection of granites and slates.

The fire pit tables are large enough to accommodate friends and family, but just right for someone seeking a place to sit and enjoy their own thoughts, perhaps even write or sketch. They can be converted to a simple table or a tabletop grill. You can even get a ‘cooler conversion kit’ to make it a beverage center.

Outdora’s large selection of outdoor fire pits and fire pit accessories is designed to meet the needs of homeowners and campers alike. They offer fire pit accessories such as protective covers, fireside tools and fire starters. Their site claims the “highest quality at the lowest prices — guaranteed.”

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This is a sponsored post. Image used with permission.


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