An Appreciation of Bells

“What a world of merriment their melody foretells!” — Edgar Allen Poe

Medium Black Country Bell

I’ve been looking at the assortment of wind chimes and garden bells from Outdora. They have chimes, farm bells, garden bells and dinner bells with innovative designs and a range of tunings and pitches.

Some accounts tell us chimes and bells originated with the Chinese Emperors. They were enjoyed not only for their harmonic sounds, but for their assistance in weather forecasting. It’s even said that chimes are mentioned in the Bible (although I can’t find any reference).

Today, wind chimes and bells are appreciated for bringing musical tones to our outdoor space. They accent gardens, hang in trees, function as door bells and promote balance in our homes.

During the years I was growing up, my parents kept a dinner bell on the back porch. I recall my mom ringing it on occasion to call my dad or I in for the evening meal. They now have a black farm bell outside the back door. My kids love to ring it.

Outdora offers many fine examples of a farm bell. The Medium Black Country Bell is especially nice. It’s fashioned of rust-free recycled aluminum and finished with weather-resistant paint, giving it an attractive sheen. Its high quality construction is built to withstand harsh outdoor elements. An accented, six-inch mounting bracket adds to the bell’s appeal.

If you’re wanting a dinner bell, you can’t go wrong with one of the various meticulously crafted bells from Outdora. Whether black, natural rust patina or metallic finish, they’ve got the bell to fit the bill.

The Woodstock Heroic Metalworks Bell adds just the right touch of ‘Old West’ feel to any porch, garden or yard. It’s made of hand-crafted steel with an antiqued copper powder-coated finish and a contemporary design. Weather-resistant materials ensure the rustic look of the bell won’t deteriorate over time.

Edgar Allen Poe knew a great appreciation for the melody of bells. How about you? Any fond childhood memories of wind chimes or garden bells? Which is your favorite farm bell or dinner bell from Outdora?

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