Viking Grills Serve Up a Whole Lot of Cooking Power

Viking Grill

Of all the grills offered by Outdora, the Viking grills are the most powerful in terms of BTU. These things can really cook! (Yes, I’ve been salivating over Outdora’s grills again.)

BTU — short for British Thermal Unit — is a basic measurement of heat energy. One BTU is the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. That means if I poured 16 oz of water at 50 degrees Farenheit in a pan and put it on a gas burner, it would take one BTU to raise the water to 51 degrees.

Viking outdoor grills include 29,000 BTU burners. That’s the most powerful standard grill burner in the industry. It’s more than enough heat for your backyard cooking needs, whether you’re serving just the family or a group of neighbors and friends. Viking is the world’s first heavy-duty commercial type range for the home.

Viking gas grills range from 30 to 53 inches in a variety of styles and layouts. Features include a fully enclosed, ultra smooth rotation rotisserie rod and easy to clean porcelain coated grill grates. These high-end stainless steel grills not only meet and exceed outdoor cooking requirements but add value and beauty to home or recreational spaces.

With their wide selection, Outdora has the perfect Viking grill for any outdoor space. There’s both built-in and freestanding Viking grills, side burners and rotisserie kits, carts and stations, bases and other accessories. They even allow you to select the type of vent kit you want for your grill.

Whatever the demands — cooking for the family, impressing neighbors and co-workers, providing food for a party — the power and class of a Viking gas grill from Outdora can handle it.

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This is a sponsored post. Image used with permission.

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