Address Plaques Add Style, Value to the Home

Address Plaque

Address Plaque

I’m spending some time with my family in San Angelo this week. One my favorite things to do while there is drive around and look at the older, more stately homes in town. It’s fun to imagine what sort of people may live in these houses. Perhaps western author Elmer Kelton, a long time resident of San Angelo, did the same during his lifetime.

Many of these houses employ a simple address plaque to accentuate their beauty. Some plaques appear on the buildings themselves, while lawn address plaques are staked in the yards or posted on fences.

Outdora’s selection of address plaques includes wall mounted plaques, lawn markers and decorative plaques. They carry Qualarc Address Plaques, Whitehall Address Plaques and Montague Metal Address Plaques — including commemorative, illuminated, and reflective plaques.

Such markers — especially the illuminated and reflective ones — make it easy for family, friends and service people to find your home. In my former day job as a delivery driver I greatly appreciated address plaques hung on back fences. Commemorative plaques honor weddings and anniversaries, the passing of loved ones or other important dates. Decorative plaques are ideal for theme parties, holidays or the changing seasons.

Maintainance-free address plaques from Outdora are not only decorative but practical. All of their hardy, long-lasting address plaques are made from either rust-free recycled aluminum or natural stone. You can choose to have an address and/or a family name on the signs. They come in a variety of interesting shapes and attractive colors.

You might even select a literary or a western theme if you are a fan of Elmer Kelton’s writings. Maybe something reflecting your community, state or region would be appropriate. Whatever your address plaque needs, Outdora delivers variety, affordability and value.

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