Take Along Convenience and Comfort with Outdora Picnic Baskets

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Just before my wife and I were married someone was kind enough to gift us a picnic basket at our wedding shower. It has proved to be an appreciated and much used gift. Not only is it ideal for picnics, it has gone with us on several out-of-town excursions and served us on a couple of trips to the mountains.

Picnic baskets are a convenient and enjoyable way to get out of the house from time to time. I love sharing a lunch with my family at a local park or at a road-side attraction.

Outdora encourages us to take the convenience and comfort of indoor dining into the great outdoors. Their line of picnic baskets, backpacks, shoulder totes, picnic blankets, coolers and wine carriers aims to provide all the essentials to enjoy food, fun and fresh air.

The classic style of Outdora’s gourmet picnic baskets brings an elegant aspect to outdoor fun. There’s picnic baskets for two people or for four in natural wicker finish and silver. Attractive cloth lined baskets are available. Certain baskets feature straps for retaining plates and utensils.

Insulated picnic totes and coolers offer a more modern look. They’re perfect for keeping sandwiches and fruits cool. Picnic shoulder packs and totes are a convenient means to carry picnic items, games, books or art supplies to a favorite outdoor spot.

Wine carriers and coffee totes can be taken alone or as a complement to a basket. These durable carriers come in a variety of colors of styles. Outdora even offers wine glasses and corkscrews.

Whether you want to make a day-trip with the family, go camping with friends or stir up a little romance with that special someone, Outdora has the right picnic basket for the task. Their prices are reasonable, and their high-end picnic gear features superior craftsmanship and lifetime guarantees.

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