What Big Hollywood Gets Wrong About Darfur

Rusty Humphries of conservative entertainment blog Big Hollywood climbs on his high horse to bash George Clooney, spout off about Darfur and praise war-mongering politics in his post What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Darfur.

Mr. Humphries decries Clooneys “intellectual dishonesty.” But he ignores his personal hypocrisy when attacking the “left” for failing to address the real issues in Darfur while praising the “right” which also fails to address the real issues.

Sometime last year, Hamphries went on a humanitarian / fact-finding mission to the Sudan. His post covers some basic history about the region and briefly recounts his experience there.

He tells of a 10 year old refugee escaping slavery. The boy was dirty, in terrible health and without prospects for his future. He treasured a bottle of water and some jerky given to him by Humphries.

Humphries continues by pointing out that the international community is fostering the genocide in Darfur. He points the finger at China (stopping short of the whole truth on their involvement), Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Iran is where it gets interesting. Humphries recognizes that it’s Iran the United States is fighting in Iraq. That puts him one rung up the reality ladder from most right-wingers. However, he also says, “If George W. Bush had listened to Clooney or Obama and left Iraq precipitously, we might be seeing Darfur-like slaughter in Iraq.  Muslims killing Christians in the name of Islam.  Muslims fighting Muslims over oil rights and revenues.”

We are seeing these sorts of problems in Iraq (just not in the same numbers). When the United States removed Saddam Hussein — scourge of Saudi Arabia, Iran and his own people — from power we created a huge problem. He was the only thing restraining the opposing factions in Iraq from an all out civil war.

He was also standing in the way of Iran’s domination of Iraq. The United States has given Iraq to Iran on a silver platter. Large portions of Iraq’s government and most of what passes for security forces in the country are loyal to Iran. Iran rules by proxy.

Humphries holds this mess to be a model for the solution to Darfur, saying, “You save Darfur by following George W. Bush’s example in Iraq.” He claims Iraq could be on the verge of peace thanks to Pres. Bush’s “war of liberation.” The only thing Iraq is on the verge of is total domination by a foreign power. (That’s not even considering Halliburton’s role in the matter.)

Humphries and Big Hollywood get it wrong when advocating war-mongering and colonialist politics as justification for running rough-shod over other countries in the interest of crooked politicians and big oil. A U.S. invasion of the Sudan is not the answer. (Neither is a UN invasion or the somewhat useless and illegal activities of the ICC.) Iraq is a disaster, and must not be held as the model for anything productive.

What is the answer for Darfur? I’m not sure anyone knows yet. It is abundantly clear, however, that the example of Pres. Bush in Iraq is not the answer. Darfur needs a solution that benefits its repressed people, not the mess created in Iraq.

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