Take Along Convenience and Comfort with Outdora Picnic Baskets

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket

Just before my wife and I were married someone was kind enough to gift us a picnic basket at our wedding shower. It has proved to be an appreciated and much used gift. Not only is it ideal for picnics, it has gone with us on several out-of-town excursions and served us on a couple of trips to the mountains.

Picnic baskets are a convenient and enjoyable way to get out of the house from time to time. I love sharing a lunch with my family at a local park or at a road-side attraction.

Outdora encourages us to take the convenience and comfort of indoor dining into the great outdoors. Their line of picnic baskets, backpacks, shoulder totes, picnic blankets, coolers and wine carriers aims to provide all the essentials to enjoy food, fun and fresh air.

The classic style of Outdora’s gourmet picnic baskets brings an elegant aspect to outdoor fun. There’s picnic baskets for two people or for four in natural wicker finish and silver. Attractive cloth lined baskets are available. Certain baskets feature straps for retaining plates and utensils.

Insulated picnic totes and coolers offer a more modern look. They’re perfect for keeping sandwiches and fruits cool. Picnic shoulder packs and totes are a convenient means to carry picnic items, games, books or art supplies to a favorite outdoor spot.

Wine carriers and coffee totes can be taken alone or as a complement to a basket. These durable carriers come in a variety of colors of styles. Outdora even offers wine glasses and corkscrews.

Whether you want to make a day-trip with the family, go camping with friends or stir up a little romance with that special someone, Outdora has the right picnic basket for the task. Their prices are reasonable, and their high-end picnic gear features superior craftsmanship and lifetime guarantees.

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Beautiful Outdoor Patio Furniture from Outdora

Patio Dining Set

Patio Dining Set

I’ve been talking a lot about the great items Outdora offers for outdoor spaces like yards, lawns and camp sites. I’ve been going on about fire pits, barbeque grills, garden bells and the like, but what good is a beautiful space without outdoor patio furniture from which to enjoy it?

Outdora features outdoor garden and patio furniture sets designed for every home and setting. They have furniture for the poolside, durable year-round sets and stylish outdoor dining furniture. Their wide assortment of outdoor furniture is available in aluminum, wrought iron, high-density plastic, wood or wicker.

While aluminum and plastic can be attractive as well as durable and wicker exudes a certain comfortable style, I prefer wood or wrought iron sets. Outdora’s wooden outdoor furniture includes adirondacks, potting benches, tables and rocking chairs in a variety of gorgeous woods and stains. Their rust-free, whether-resistant wrought iron dining chairs, lounge chairs, loveseats, sofas, ottomans and more create beautiful dining arrangements on any patio.

The aluminum sets are highly attractive, putting to shame the aluminum furniture seen in most yards. They are of a heavy-duty yet lightweight construction that stands up to the elements. Outdora’s aluminum patio furniture sets come in traditional and modern styles.

The high-density plastic patio furniture also looks nice. It features fade-resistant bright colors which never need repainting. It is designed with comfort in mind and has the look of wide wooden planks.

If you’re looking for a specific piece of furniture and not a whole outdoor patio set, Outdora can help with that too. They also offer patio table tops — available in square, round, and oval shapes — ready to suit the changing seasons. Protective furniture covers made from rugged, high-grade vinyl keep outdoor dining furniture clean and dry.

Outdora’s outdoor patio furniture collections feature comfort and style for any outdoor space. Visit their site to find the ideal patio furniture sets for your home or camp site.

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This is a sponsored post. Image used with permission.

Address Plaques Add Style, Value to the Home

Address Plaque

Address Plaque

I’m spending some time with my family in San Angelo this week. One my favorite things to do while there is drive around and look at the older, more stately homes in town. It’s fun to imagine what sort of people may live in these houses. Perhaps western author Elmer Kelton, a long time resident of San Angelo, did the same during his lifetime.

Many of these houses employ a simple address plaque to accentuate their beauty. Some plaques appear on the buildings themselves, while lawn address plaques are staked in the yards or posted on fences.

Outdora’s selection of address plaques includes wall mounted plaques, lawn markers and decorative plaques. They carry Qualarc Address Plaques, Whitehall Address Plaques and Montague Metal Address Plaques — including commemorative, illuminated, and reflective plaques.

Such markers — especially the illuminated and reflective ones — make it easy for family, friends and service people to find your home. In my former day job as a delivery driver I greatly appreciated address plaques hung on back fences. Commemorative plaques honor weddings and anniversaries, the passing of loved ones or other important dates. Decorative plaques are ideal for theme parties, holidays or the changing seasons.

Maintainance-free address plaques from Outdora are not only decorative but practical. All of their hardy, long-lasting address plaques are made from either rust-free recycled aluminum or natural stone. You can choose to have an address and/or a family name on the signs. They come in a variety of interesting shapes and attractive colors.

You might even select a literary or a western theme if you are a fan of Elmer Kelton’s writings. Maybe something reflecting your community, state or region would be appropriate. Whatever your address plaque needs, Outdora delivers variety, affordability and value.

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This is a sponsored post. Image used with permission.

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Viking Grills Serve Up a Whole Lot of Cooking Power

Viking Grill

Of all the grills offered by Outdora, the Viking grills are the most powerful in terms of BTU. These things can really cook! (Yes, I’ve been salivating over Outdora’s grills again.)

BTU — short for British Thermal Unit — is a basic measurement of heat energy. One BTU is the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. That means if I poured 16 oz of water at 50 degrees Farenheit in a pan and put it on a gas burner, it would take one BTU to raise the water to 51 degrees.

Viking outdoor grills include 29,000 BTU burners. That’s the most powerful standard grill burner in the industry. It’s more than enough heat for your backyard cooking needs, whether you’re serving just the family or a group of neighbors and friends. Viking is the world’s first heavy-duty commercial type range for the home.

Viking gas grills range from 30 to 53 inches in a variety of styles and layouts. Features include a fully enclosed, ultra smooth rotation rotisserie rod and easy to clean porcelain coated grill grates. These high-end stainless steel grills not only meet and exceed outdoor cooking requirements but add value and beauty to home or recreational spaces.

With their wide selection, Outdora has the perfect Viking grill for any outdoor space. There’s both built-in and freestanding Viking grills, side burners and rotisserie kits, carts and stations, bases and other accessories. They even allow you to select the type of vent kit you want for your grill.

Whatever the demands — cooking for the family, impressing neighbors and co-workers, providing food for a party — the power and class of a Viking gas grill from Outdora can handle it.

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This is a sponsored post. Image used with permission.

An Appreciation of Bells

“What a world of merriment their melody foretells!” — Edgar Allen Poe

Medium Black Country Bell

I’ve been looking at the assortment of wind chimes and garden bells from Outdora. They have chimes, farm bells, garden bells and dinner bells with innovative designs and a range of tunings and pitches.

Some accounts tell us chimes and bells originated with the Chinese Emperors. They were enjoyed not only for their harmonic sounds, but for their assistance in weather forecasting. It’s even said that chimes are mentioned in the Bible (although I can’t find any reference).

Today, wind chimes and bells are appreciated for bringing musical tones to our outdoor space. They accent gardens, hang in trees, function as door bells and promote balance in our homes.

During the years I was growing up, my parents kept a dinner bell on the back porch. I recall my mom ringing it on occasion to call my dad or I in for the evening meal. They now have a black farm bell outside the back door. My kids love to ring it.

Outdora offers many fine examples of a farm bell. The Medium Black Country Bell is especially nice. It’s fashioned of rust-free recycled aluminum and finished with weather-resistant paint, giving it an attractive sheen. Its high quality construction is built to withstand harsh outdoor elements. An accented, six-inch mounting bracket adds to the bell’s appeal.

If you’re wanting a dinner bell, you can’t go wrong with one of the various meticulously crafted bells from Outdora. Whether black, natural rust patina or metallic finish, they’ve got the bell to fit the bill.

The Woodstock Heroic Metalworks Bell adds just the right touch of ‘Old West’ feel to any porch, garden or yard. It’s made of hand-crafted steel with an antiqued copper powder-coated finish and a contemporary design. Weather-resistant materials ensure the rustic look of the bell won’t deteriorate over time.

Edgar Allen Poe knew a great appreciation for the melody of bells. How about you? Any fond childhood memories of wind chimes or garden bells? Which is your favorite farm bell or dinner bell from Outdora?

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This is a sponsored post. Image used with permission.

Outdora Satisfys All Your BBQ Grilling Needs

Classic Barrel Grill

Classic Barrel Grill

Tonight my wife and I are having friends over. And don’t get me wrong, while pizza is my favorite dish, it sure would be nice to grill some steaks on a BBQ grill from Outdora.

Whenever I cook out I have to borrow my dad’s BBQ grill — a grill that has served us well, but is gaining some wear and tear with age. The starter is broken, and lighting the fire can prove to be quite an adventure. I’ve had the bald fingers to show for it.

Just looking at the barbecue grills from Outdora sets my mouth to watering. I don’t know if it’s over the possibility of a juicy steak or the beauty of the grills. Outdora offers built-in grills, free-standing grills, portable grills and fire pits.

Outdora features everything from the Big Green Egg — an all-in-one grilling system that functions as a smoker, a grill, and an oven — to a massive built-in Lynx Grill with rotisseries, side and sear burners, even ice machines. If simple is your thing, they’ve got a black cast iron fire ring. It’s a low-maintenance alternative perfect for small yards or camp sites.

Because many outdoor cooks prefer to use a single BBQ grill manufacturer for all of their outside kitchen equipment, Outdora separates their selection of high-quality barbecue grills by manufacturer on the left side of the page, and then by other criteria such as style, heat source and grill accessories. They make it easy to find exactly what you need to satisfy your grilling needs.

That oven cooked pizza will be good, but a meal cooked on a BBQ grill from Outdora would be so much better.

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This is a sponsored post. Image used with permission.